Thursday, December 24, 2009


I'm not really caring about Xmas but am flipping out over the abundance of soca that's bubbling up in preparation for Carnival. Strategizing a freakfest for JP - details soon.

Gathering some crazy sounding ish, particularly this somehow amazing Muppet Jam - soca breaks - the beginning sounds like it could go into a jungle track.

DJ Bass - Soca Sesame Street (320)

and this

Busy Signal - Picante (X-Bass Soca Mix)

Toronto Lime has D'bandit & Doc Jones iron-heavy remix of Party Hard on their Carnival 2010 watchlist HERE

D'bandit's actually an interesting producer to watch, and he's fine

Problem Child jumpin on the Doneao track

Donaeo feat Problem Child: Party Hard (320)

I also like this version


Dave Quam said...

damn man, the production on that sesame street track is awesome. Pretty weird track.

CF Edley said...

you might have a convert to soca might. plus your general notions are great.