Monday, December 21, 2009


Not actually about the anti-soca bias so many amazing dj's seem to have, this is a little overview of homophobia in soca, which is at worst biblical and at best tongue-in-cheek. There's a book coming out about queer Trinidad by a friend of mine so I'm not going to make broad cultural claims, but I have lived there, studied at UWI, and did go to some amazing gay parties.

When I was there, Denise Belfon actually played some gay fetes (quietly of course) and some dude I knew was fucking a famous male vocalist (NO NAMES). Take a second and live for the queen of dancehall soca, whose colaboration with MAW is kinda of a gay anthem.

Soca is pretty laid back about the whole gay thing. Machel has said "mama man" like a handful of times in his music, not that serious. Peter Ram has a few lines about at about 3:30 (along with a hilarious/sexy Adam and Eve scene) that are a bit preachy but not that bad considering

This one is priceless. Psychedelic lyrics, the overriding bestiality metaphors, the lack of violent content - socaphobiaz/ripe for recontextualization

Gay Man Don't Like No Cat (Soca 2010) - Kuba Dazz (320)

Work (DJ Patrick's Bubbling Mix) - MAW feat Denise (192 VBS)

Woman By My Side (TV Dub) - Peter Ram (232 VBS)

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