Thursday, September 4, 2008

I need to start wearing a tin foil hat....

...cause these bitches are reading my mind. Aaron LaCrate and Samir got Mr. Vegas to do ORIGINAL vocals over some really compelling b-moreish joints.

Uber-white B-more remixes of black vocalists are a dime a dozen (Palmsout Sounds, I'm looking your way..) but this feels more organic, tactful, and has me wining into my chair already. Can't wait to try this on a crowd.

Mr. Vegas - Oh My Gosh (Gutter remix) - 174 VBS (GO BUY THE REAL ONE

Other notable B-more ragga joints

B-More Forward - Ding Dong Vs. Count of Monte Cristal
Mad All Over Again - South Rakkas Vs. DJ Sega
Watch the Way we Drop it - Humpday Project - 320
I'm on the Rock - Mavado Vs. Kenny Meez - 320
What Dem a Do - Mavado (TREW Bmorish remix) - 320

Also, this came up on Youtube for "ragga bmore." Dunno exactly what they mean by that, but it's a curious little refix


wayne&wax said...

that vegas chune is pretty dope.

interesting that the "weh dem a do" remix employs a 'baile' funk loop as well as such bmore sigs as "sing sing." i'm not sure whether baile is/was the new bmore or vice versa (depends who you ask), but interesting to find them both in the same track.

Rizzla said...

Spot on.

I think, unfortunately, to a lot of the musical hipsters who produce/play bmore/funk carioca remixes, they are nearly the same. (i.e. trendy yet "exotic" beat patterns that draw from a shared electro history and utilize "manipulated" black voices)

That and the fact they can mix SO WELL into each other