Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cut Dem Off Again x 1/2?

Cut Dem Off could be one of my favorite songs ever. It's pretty hard to find any version with quality bass, and most of what's out there are rips from various streams according to Wayne.

I've got one of those rips and I want the real song bad. I live for soca, and there is an official remix of the song with Brooklyn's Lyrikal. He's on a dope soca-fusion production tip. You can read a really basic did with him here.

Cut Dem Off (2008 Soca Remix)F.Ricky Blaze & Lyrikal*** - Lyrikal

Also, DJ Sega should do a remix and call it "Cut Dem Off Again," twist it like he did with South Rakkas on "Mad All Over Again," the only version other than the original that I can stand.


Kingdom played this for Lonewolf and myself at Zuzu's on Friday and I almost raped his CDJ's.

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