Sunday, February 14, 2010

Zombies don't kill people, Tribal does

This is CK, a tribal house producer from Port of Spain. The only person to really compare him to his Razorshop, my all time production idol. CK takes a big room, Ibiza/Miami vibe and slows soca down to fit tribal basslines and percussion. He's got a Major Lazer remix on his Soundcloud along the same lines.

Zombies, the menace of the last few years, are the focus of Blaxx 2k10 anthem, is given a similar treatment as "Soca Aliens" a few posts back. It's got a Thriller vibe fo sure, and almost takes me back to big room club nites in NYC when I was barely old enough to get in. Future/retro - something about the word "tribal" that just kinda puts you in a post-criticism position where you just have to swallow the electro vibes and start jumpin around.

Blaxx - Zombie (CK Tribal Mix) (320)

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Dave Quam said...

Recommended Razorsharp productions?

I've been sorta checkin out Tribal stuff lately, mostly the Guarachero stuff but some other stuff as well. This tracks dope.