Saturday, December 12, 2009

Reel 2 Real Syndrome

Jock Jams + Ragga Vocals in a variety of languages. The guiding chants of Fatman scoop. It all sounds the same in the best possible way. I've called it 'pseudo-soca' due to the rinsing of Calabria across much of the Caribbean, US, UK and Canada. Natalie gets me:

Here's a small overview of what's been done and what's been done again. Something super fishy about it all if you ask me. In the good way

And finally, an old secret weapon that I simply can't recommend highly enough for making the dancefloor simply melt in a pool of highschool memory transplanted to a rave under a waterfall.

Favretto Vs Timbaland - Rhythm of the Way I Are (DJ DaREALMIX)


CF Edley said...

that jaxx track is just amazing. thank you for reminding me of the right shit.
for some reason i think of Ata Kak. See

Rizzla said...

I wasn't familiar until you posted this, and now I'm obsessed. thx meng!