Monday, November 30, 2009

Soca Aliens

Soca always experiments with outernational sounds, but usually stays true to the celebration it's designed around. Dark, moody roadmarch tracks really turn my switch - i was a happy hardcore and hardstep raver in my yout and live for when those sonic traditions intersect with my current obsession.

Here's Skinny on an extraterrestrial track

and now live lookin like Master Chief

and now for a complete WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!?????????????!!!!!

I'd never heard of Thomas Hath before this - also, wouldn't have pegged him to do a soca remix but hey, trance is everywhere eh?

Nigel Nicholas- Soca Aliens (Thomas Hath Miami Beat Remix) (320, but come on, is this really playable anywhere? dunno, but imma try it anwayz!!!!!!!!!!)


Dave Quam said...

that live video is crazy! It's like a Funkadelic intro spaceshow, so weird!

Hmm that link to the mp3 doesnt seem to be working for me right now, might be on my end tho.

Rizzla said...

i'll reup asap. honestly though, you're not missing much. "miami beat" is a generous description

Dave Quam said...

thanks a lot, that shit is so ravey!