Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Go fuck yourself

Bad art via artfagcity

Bad Buju

Buju's career isn't over. Maybe all this is pissing me off because of how impotent the actual effects of banning Buju will be - really think this will make it better for GLBT folks in JA? Really??? Especially considering how violent dancehall is getting with the Gully/Gaza shit lately? Please. Maybe he should just stop selling Boom Bye Bye to prove the Reggae Compassion Act has some point. Cause honestly there are juicer targets to go after and people don't protest them - they perform in the states frequently enough. Going after Buju won't fix anything - I've seen Sizzla and Capleton in concert and THAT'S where it gets terrifying. Buju is the past, not the future of dancehall, and concerned activists really really need to update their agenda.

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