Friday, August 7, 2009

Soca is the new bmore is the new baile funk is the new.......

Ghislain's "Soca Sound System" was just the beginning - everybody wants to do the soca dance all of a sudden. Of course its just cause the kids are tired of cumbia or something like that. Nu World sonic colonialism or a sign of brighter days? I dunno, wayneandwax is better suited for that debate.

I can't really hate though - the tracks they are making actually sound like a lot of fun. Still, I wonder 1) if this stuff is actually soca and (is anything?) 2) will people actually dance too it. Guess I'll find out the later on Monday when our new party trade starts up at Middlesex.

More hipster soca for you:

Esser - Headlock (Perfect Loosers Soca mix) (320)


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DJ D'hana said...

fav part of the vid is him READING HIS OWN LYRICS. shouldnt you know yr own shit, dude?!