Saturday, December 13, 2008

Zookey time

almost done with my two finals on gay marriage in ct and rastifarian power in the spread of drum and bass music. my life

this is too much. Finally, my favorite ragga house anthem of all time has been versioned, by none other than Spragga. And it's about rough sex. So very happy

Spragga Benz - Wuckin

Here's the original (Yves Larock feat. Roland Richards - Zookey)

Three parties coming up in the next week and a half: two in boston, one in the heartbeat

Tues Dec 16 - Home Away at Enormous Room in Cambridge (Facebook it). Bashment, soca, house.

Sat, Dec 20 - Blunt Force Drama at Vegas Blvd in Hartford. Freestyle, baile funk, bmore, crunk, club memories.

Monday, Dec 22 - Enormous Room w/ DJ Ripley for BEAT RESEARCH.

Soca, soca, soca

so hungover right now