Friday, June 13, 2008

Trancehall aka NY Tropical aka New Ragga Rave = CARIBBEAN RAVE MUSIC

It's a rough description at this point, but trancehall (aka NY Tropical) is a growing sound in NY, JA, Trinidad, and the UK. It's ragga vocals, shouts chats, lyrics. The beat is roughly dancehall but uses the sounds of trance and rave techno to get that super-hype fast wine or fancy dance feel.

Shadetek calls it NY Tropical (get his point) but i wanna call it New Ragga Rave . I say New cause ragga and rave music had lots of babies called jungle back in the late 80s early 90's. Jungle this is not.

Matt Shadetek, Ricky Blaze, Stephen Mcgregor, Razorshop (on the soca side) and Ghislain Porier are the main folks in the game right now. I've been dreaming of this since I was at raves trying to dance to that shitty BOOM chick BOOM chick BOOM when i was 17. It's all different, but basically boils down to taking the sounds and feel of old and new skool raves and putting that wine touch for the passa passa set. Controversial, disputed, amazing , rave music from the Caribbean is here for good.

Ricky Blaze Dance here

Matt Shadetek's Brooklyn Anthem here

The "Genius" Mcgreggor's style here with my boo Vybz Kartel (pls don't tell him i said that don't think he likes the gays)

And Ghislain "I'm my own genre" Porier's video for Blazin here

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DJ Benny B said...

Check this out:

DJ Eleven Trancehall

* Elephant Man - Jump On It
* Unicorn - Ghetto Wuk
* Wayne Marshall - Hard Ears
* Esco - Dreaming
* Bunji Garlin feat. Mr Evil - Pretty Hott
* Mr Evil - We Luv the Girls
* Elephant Man - Rock So
* Elephant Man - Shake Up Yuh Booty
* Vybz Kartel - Nah Run
* Frisco Kid - War Drum
* Nicky B - Till I Die
* Wayne Marshall - Me by Myself
* Tony Matterhorn - Running Cow
* Busy Signal - Grades
* Future Fambo - Jump Up
* Norris Man - Pass Di Gunz
* Vybz Kartel - Vybz Rum
* Sizzla - Dem A Go Dead
* Aidonia - Gunshot
* Future Fambo - Dead Homies
* Bassy (T.O.K) - Any Bwoy
* Mavado - Nah Bleach With Cream
* Vybz Kartel - Broad Daylight
* Anthony B - Run Up Pon Them
* Chino feat. Wayne Marshall - Danger
* Elephant Man - Wine Up Pon Me
* Assassin - War Zone
* Elephant Man - War Is On
* Abean - Champion
* Sanjay - What Are They Fighting For
* Vybz Kartel - Money Over War
* Munga - Mourning In The Morning
* Mr. Evil - Look at Me
* Elephant Man - Smoke Everyday
* Wayne Marshall - Strictly Weed
* Damian Marley - Real Friends
* Vybz Kartel - What A Bwoy Can Chat
* Aidonia & Chino - Pop it Off
* Tony Curtis - Life
* Delly Ranx -I Am For The Girls
* Elephant Man - Tek Time Nuh
* Christopher - Party Like Jamaicans
* Bling Dawg - Too Bad For You
* Busy Signal - Gangstas Paradise
* Elephant Man & Dr Evil - Wild Out
* Razor - Mini Mi
* Kapri - Rick Tick Tick
* Delly Ranks - Walk Out
* Leftside - Duppy Dem
* Busy Signal - Gal You Got It
* Bling Dawg - Show Me
* T.O.K. - Cock It Up
* Sean Paul - Settle The Score